Create a "Free Bible" Page For Your Organization!

Giving free Bibles away has never been easier!

With a Free Bible page from YouVersion, your church, company or organization can generously offer a free Bible, connecting people directly to the life-transforming power of God’s Word. Simply complete this form, and YouVersion will make two Free Bible pages for you to use however you like: one for mobile and one for standard web browsers.

See a live example!

Your organization can reach people who might never discover the free Bible App on their own. We’d love to join with you as together we share our mutual passion for spreading God’s Word.

Your "Free Bible" page will be:
Optional: You can choose to create a simpler "vanity URL." Have your web team create a page on your site (example: and set it to redirect to your "basic URL":
Note: The vanity URL that you enter here will be the link that users see on your Free Bible page. This link will not work until 1) you have submitted this form and 2) your web team has setup the vanity URL to redirect to the basic URL created above.