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Any YouVersion user can join a group. They’re set up by churches, Bible study groups, and other organizations, and they’re your way to keep up with the YouVersion Live events that group is hosting. You can belong to multiple groups at the same time.

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  • Mercy And Grace Fellowship
    1 Member(s)
    Mercy And Grace Fellowship » Church
    Mercy And Grace Fellowship
  • Linwood Ladies
    4 Member(s)
    Linwood Ladies » Church
    Frontline Church, Linwood Community Group, women's bible study and friendship
  • The Pursuit Minot
    1 Member(s)
    The Pursuit Minot » Church
    The Pursuit Minot
  • The Pursuit Minot
    1 Member(s)
    The Pursuit Minot » Church
    The Pursuit Minot
  • Uwharrie Community Church
    1 Member(s)
    Uwharrie Community Church » Church
    Uwharrie Community Church
    1 Member(s)
    ACEFC » Church
  • jesus is the reson
    1 Member(s)
    jesus is the reson » Church
    jesus is the reson
  • ECBC Sundays
    2 Member(s)
    ECBC Sundays » Church
    ECBC Sundays
  • 406 Church
    2 Member(s)
    406 Church » Church
    406 Church
  • Anchor Church - Sikeston
    1 Member(s)
    Anchor Church - Sikeston » Church
    Anchor Church - Sikeston
    3 Member(s)
    COCEM » Church
    We are young members of Church of Calling......Let's be filled with the words daily.
    1 Member(s)
    UNITED » Church
  • Sojourn Groups
    2 Member(s)
    Sojourn Groups » Church
    Sojourn Group Discussions
  • Immanuel Baptist Richmond
    1 Member(s)
    Immanuel Baptist Richmond » Church
    Immanuel Baptist Richmond
  • CRBC Sheffield
    1 Member(s)
    CRBC Sheffield » Church
    We are an edge of City-centre Church with the doors open during the week for different activities, as we seek to serve God in the local community of Sharrow. Our main services are at 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. on Sundays. By exploring this site you will find there are many more opportunities to meet with us to develop your relationship with God and with other people. In particular, by visiting our "What's on" page you can find out what is happening during the coming week. ABOUT US: The front of our Church Our purpose is to follow Jesus Christ and make Him known. Our Vision is to be a growing, thriving, nurturing family of God. We seek to be a welcoming, multi-cultural, fellowship in all that we do, so that people looking for a place to worship will find this a Church in which to settle, integrate, grow and serve. We are pleased to welcome everyone to our services; you do not need to wear posh clothes or do anything special to come to this Church - come as you are. You are welcome whether you are just looking at what Church is all about, studying at the University, visiting the area, or looking for a new Church. We also have a full range of activities for children on Sunday mornings. Come and find out what we can offer you.
  • Fusion City Church
    2 Member(s)
    Fusion City Church » Church
    Fusion City Church
  • IBCC
    2 Member(s)
    IBCC » Church
  • Sanctuary Church of God East Canton
    1 Member(s)
    Sanctuary Church of God East Canton » Church
    Sanctuary Church of God East Canton
  • Grace Church Taipei
    1 Member(s)
    Grace Church Taipei » Church
    Grace Church Taipei
  • Pomerado Road Baptist Church
    2 Member(s)
    Pomerado Road Baptist Church » Church
    Pomerado Road Baptist Church
  • The Group Student Ministry
    1 Member(s)
    The Group Student Ministry » Church
    The student ministry of Light & Life Church. Middle School & High School students are invited to join us every Thursday at 6:30pm!
  • Xtreme Gulfport
    1 Member(s)
    Xtreme Gulfport » Church
    Xtreme Gulfport
  • FBCN 11th Grade BLG
    1 Member(s)
    FBCN 11th Grade BLG » Small Group
    FBCN 11th Grade BLG
  • LFCC(NN)
    1 Member(s)
    LFCC(NN) » Church
  • Revive
    3 Member(s)
    Revive » Church
    ¡Comparte lo que Dios esta haciendo en tu vida!