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Any YouVersion user can join a group. They’re set up by churches, Bible study groups, and other organizations, and they’re your way to keep up with the YouVersion Live events that group is hosting. You can belong to multiple groups at the same time.

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  • Riverside Church of Christ - High School Class
    1 Member(s)
    Riverside Church of Christ - High School Class » Church
    Riverside Church of Christ - High School Class
  • Deerfield Friends
    1 Member(s)
    Deerfield Friends » Church
    Deerfield Friends
  • Emmanuel Mennonite Church
    1 Member(s)
    Emmanuel Mennonite Church » Church
    Emmanuel Mennonite Church
  • 1337 Ministries
    1 Member(s)
    1337 Ministries » Church
    1337 Ministries
  • Vineyard Columbus East Campus
    1 Member(s)
    Vineyard Columbus East Campus » Church
    Vineyard Columbus East Campus
  • RH Kids
    1 Member(s)
    RH Kids » Church
    RH Kids
  • FPC Youth Ministries
    1 Member(s)
    FPC Youth Ministries » Church
    FPC Youth Ministries
  • Frontline Christian Church
    1 Member(s)
    Frontline Christian Church » Church
    Frontline is a contemporary Christian church firmly grounded in the Bible. Our desire is to see every person connect with God, connect with people, and connect with purpose. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am & 10:45am. Each weekend at Frontline Christian Church you’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with exciting, contemporary worship music led by talented live musicians. A printed note page and a large-screen PowerPoint presentation help you make the most of the practical and relevant message. Infants and toddlers are well cared for in a safe, loving, and quality nursery; and children can enjoy the fun-filled Frontline kids’ church, KidZone.
  • Grace Church Napa Valley
    1 Member(s)
    Grace Church Napa Valley » Church
    Grace Church exists to exalt Christ, display His love and make known His truth for the glory of God.
  • Our Fellowship
    1 Member(s)
    Our Fellowship » Church
    Our Fellowship
  • That One Church
    1 Member(s)
    That One Church » Church
    That One Church
  • Journey Church - Raleigh, NC
    3 Member(s)
    Journey Church - Raleigh, NC » Church
    Journey Church is an independent non-denominational church in Raleigh, NC. Our body of believers is diverse, and comes from many denominations and backgrounds.
  • FCOGmorehead
    1 Member(s)
    FCOGmorehead » Church
  • Grace Student Ministries
    1 Member(s)
    Grace Student Ministries » Church
    Grace Student Ministries of Flagstaff
  • Followers of God
    1 Member(s)
    Followers of God » Small Group
    Followers of God
  • INC VIC Conference
    1 Member(s)
    INC VIC Conference » Church
    INC VIC Conference
  • C3 - Christ Community Chruch
    2 Member(s)
    C3 - Christ Community Chruch » Church
    C3 - Christ Community Chruch of the Ozarks in Mountain Home, AR A SAFE Place, A GRACE Place, A FAITH Place
  • Roberdel Baptist Church
    1 Member(s)
    Roberdel Baptist Church » Church
    Roberdel Baptist Church
  • Roberdel Baptist Church
    1 Member(s)
    Roberdel Baptist Church » Church
    Roberdel Baptist Church
  • Frontline Church
    1 Member(s)
    Frontline Church » Church
    Frontline Church
  • Grace Church Reno MS
    1 Member(s)
    Grace Church Reno MS » Church
    Grace Church Reno MS
  • unknown
    1 Member(s)
    unknown » Church
    Discovery Bible Fellowship
  • Kulture Church
    1 Member(s)
    Kulture Church » Church
    Kulture Church
  • Insomnia
    1 Member(s)
    Insomnia » Church
  • Crossroads Baptist Church
    1 Member(s)
    Crossroads Baptist Church » Church
    Crossroads Baptist Church