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Expose people to the radical love of God. We do this through a few practical and sustainable ways. - We start by sharing the gospel in life on life situations, intersecting with life wherever it happens. - We also use purposeful outreaches as we pray with those we meet, and serve them right where they are as we build relationships with them. - We invite lost people into our “missional communities to see life happen in real time, exposing them to God’s radical love. Empower them through the word of God. We do this by inviting them into 3 purposeful environments. - The 1st one is “Daily Grind” groups. (Small groups on and off campus (3-5) who meet every single day for a period of time to read the bible and pray together. No one “leads” the group as much as it is a commitment to each other for accountability, developing good spiritual disciplines, and creating authentic community.) - The 2nd one is “Connect Groups”. ( A larger group of people who gather each week to read the bible, pray, do outreach, and hang out with gospel intentionality. This group is led by an individual who loves God, loves people, and lives on mission for the gospel of Jesus Christ.) - The third one is our “Weekly Worship Celebration”. Everyone comes together each Sunday night to worship our great God together through all the different arts, pray together, and get in the Word together. This is our way of celebrating a week of being on mission to Expose people to God’s radical love. It’s like a family reunion and an awesome way to experience more community. Unleash people to change the world locally and globally. - We show disciples how to Expose others to God’s radical love through everyday life on life experiences with the gospel. - We help create practical outreach opportunities. - We also help them learn their purpose in life as they identify, apply, and prioritize their spiritual gifts, skills and natural talents, all working together for the gospel. We are not trying to add a bunch of church things for people to have to do, we are trying to intersect with people right where they are to be on mission with Gospel of Jesus Christ in everyday life.

Web: http://www.theriversd.com

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