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A community experiencing God together located in Geneva, IL.

Web: http://www.cometothewell.org

Life Between The Trees

Easter at The Well

Hope, at times, seems a fleeting thing. As children the world was fresh and new. Life was full of wonder and expectation of good to come. Yet on the road to adulthood, many of our hopes were lost along the way. Instead of anticipation, our days are marked by monotony. But just as spring follows winter, hope follows seasons of death, sadness, and despair. In the same way the death of Jesus was followed, miraculously, by his resurrection. Jesus rose, and his resurrection changed everything, turning our winters of loneliness and frustration into springs of joy and hope. Are you tired of a long, hard winter? Do you long for a rebirth of hope in your life? Then join us at The Well this Easter as we rediscover the hope of Christ and his glorious resurrection.

Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 5:30pm to Fri, Apr 25 at 5:00pm CDT

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